Travel Great! Packing…not so much

I teach in Canada and hubby works in the US. The end result? Lots of back and forth travel on  weekends and holidays. Oh how I wish I had seen this New York Times slideshow ages ago!!!  I would have saved a lot of money on baggage fees and perhaps even traveled a bit lighter.


Anyhow, now that I have seen it, bookmarked it and have blogged here about it, I will forever reference it when packing for a trip. Click the link and be amazed at how much stuff can be packed into a carry-on.


3 thoughts on “Travel Great! Packing…not so much

  1. She takes way too much stuff, and it will weigh a ton! Her method may work in the US, but it won’t work for international travel where many airlines weigh your bags. It is better to take a capsule wardrobe with items that layer/mix/match. Do laundry on occasion. That way your bag is light but you still have plenty to wear.

  2. I tried to do the whole minimalist packing bit, but I ended up regretting it. I had planned out my outfits and packed those items. When I got to my destination, my outfits no longer appealed to me and I wished I had packed a few more things. Now I pack 2-3 extra pieces just to be safe.

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