Fitness Challenge

My hubby’s work is encouraging employees and their family members to sign up for the 1 million step challenge. It’s one way they are promoting a healthy lifestyle. We just got our fitbits today and we’ll start wearing them tomorrow. First step tracking will happen at the Rose Bowl track!

Periodically, I will post my progress. Hopefully, hubby and I will have walked our 1 million steps before December!

My fitnit

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6 thoughts on “Fitness Challenge

  1. Hey Hinna! Good luck on attaining your goal! My hubby got a fitbit too and he loves it! What’s a fitbit zip? Hubby’s fitbit looks like a big tieclip that goes on the collar of his shirt.

  2. Thanks Connie! I’m hoping that this walking challenge will help me lose the last bit of baby weight. :o) I think the fitbit you’re talking about is Fitbit One. It does everything that the zip does (track steps, calories burnt, distance walked) as well as track sleep cycles.

  3. Nichole, we got them for free after signing up for the fitness challenge. You can buy one on or Amazon. I think they cost between $60-$70.

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