Book of the Moment: Quiet ….some notes

Unfortunately I could not finish reading Quiet because it was due at the library. I tried to renew the book, but someone put a hold on it. So instead of keeping this interesting book from someone else and incurring library fines, I handed it in. I hope to sign it back out one day and finish it off.

While I read Quiet, I made some notes on interesting thoughts and ideas.

  • work alone
  • many famous CEOs, famous writers, painters, creative people are introverts
  • we think we like individualism, but the organisation of schools and workplaces suggest we value team work over individualism
  • people who are loud and draw attention to themselves are generally taken more seriously than quiet, thoughtful people
  • cooperative learning is taught in schools because these are the skills the business community values in its workers
  • “while extroverts tend to attain leadership in public domains, introverts tend to attain leadership in theoretical and aesthetic fields. outstanding introverted leaders: Charles Darwin, Marie Curie, Patrick White, and Arthur Boyd”
  • brainstorming works better when done individually, but online collaboration in a controlled setting does well- as working in an online group collaboration is a form of solitudegroup brainstorming fails because of social loafing: some people do the work while others relax; production blocking: only one person can talk or produce an idea while group members are forced to sit passively; evaluation apprehension: the fear of looking stupid in front of one’s peers
  • highly sensitive people tend to be keen observers who look before they leap. they arrange their lives in ways that limit surprises. they’re often sensitive to sights, sounds, smells, pain, coffee. they have difficulty when being observed (at work) or judged for general worthiness (dating, job interview)
  • they dislike small talk, they dream vividly and can often recall their dreams the next day
  • highly sensitive people also process information about their environments-both physical and emotional-unusually deeply

In the few chapters that I read, one thing was confirmed for me: I am an introvert.



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