Belated Eid Mubarak!

Eid Mubarak everyone!

Yes, I am a few days late in wishing you, but my family and I were back home in Toronto to spend the last few days of Ramadan and celebrate Eid with our loved ones.  The trip was great for the most part: I got to see some good friends, take Amina to the Toronto Zoo and spend time with family. The not so great part of the trip was the running around. I always try to jam pack my days with shopping, ( I try to do most of my shopping when I am at home because I get confused when I shop here in LA …lol), errands, meetings with people and visits to places.  I think I need to slow down a bit..or at least TRY to slow down during the next trip back home.


Some updates:

  •  I failed on my month-long squat challenge. I will attempt it again soon.
  • My little girl will be 1 years old in September. Mash’Allah!
  • My FitBit 1 million step challenge is going well. I’m well past the halfway mark and hope to hit 1 million steps before December

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