White Coat, Black Art

LOVE this episode from White Coat, Black Art: When the Patient is Racist. Unfortunately, these sorts of incidents happen in every profession and in everyday life. Around 5:50, you’ll hear the conversation about the question “where are you from?” Sheesh..I hate that question. When I get that question- my answer is simple: I’m Canadian.


When the Patient is Racist


Dr. Sanjeet Singh Saluja (CP)

Dr. Sanjeet Singh Saluja (CP)


White Coat Black Art looks at one of medicine’s most uncomfortable secrets: the patients who discriminate against the growing ranks of health professionals who belong to visible minorities and the system that lets those patients get away with it.

In a feature interview, we talk to Dr. Sanjeet Salujah, a Sikh MD in Montreal who has been avisible opponent to Quebec’s proposed charter of values. Salujah talks about life in a Montreal ER and the ethnic slurs he faces on a regular basis when he’s on duty.

South of the border, Dr. Sachin Jain tells why he wrote The Racist Patient, the storm it created in medical circles, and his prescription for a medical culture that lets patients cross the line.

It’s an episode we hope you will listen to, read my blog post about racist patients and then add your voice to the discussion.

You can hear more of Sanjeet Saluja in this interview from our CBC Radio One colleagues at Home Run in Montreal.


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