Juice Cleanse

For a while now, hubby and I have tossed around the idea of doing a cleanse.  We looked into The Master Cleanse, after hearing about a friend’s experience, but since it required serious commitment and a very strict diet, we thought we’d ease ourselves into the cleansing world with a 3-day juice cleanse from Pressed Juicery, a cold-pressed juicer in Los Angeles. We also decided not to do the cleanse at the same time in the event an adverse reaction occurred- if we were both down, who would take care of Amina?

We decided that I would do the cleanse first, so two weeks ago, I took the online quiz to determine which cleanse was best suited for my current lifestyle. It turned out to be cleanse 1.  I placed my order for the 3-day cleanse, plus the aloe vera water and chlorophyll water, and patiently waited for my order to arrive the following week. (Note: If you sign up for The Chalkboard Magazine on the Pressed Juicery website, you get 10% off your first juice order). In the mean time, I read up on the how to’s of cleansing Pressed Juicery had on their website. You can read all about it here.  I started my cleanse last Thursday and finished on Saturday night.

Pressed Juicery juices

Day 1:


Peppermint tea

The juices get shipped overnight, so Thursday morning, I had to wait until 10 am to get started. My stomach was growling, so I decided to have some peppermint tea and anapple to keep me going.

The juices were shipped with ice packs, so they were still cold when I received them. After loading my fridge up with my juices, I started off with bottle 1.  All of the juice bottles are labeled so it was pretty easy to tell in what order to drink the juices. By the time I was on #4, the sugar, salt and carb cravings started kicking in.  I had to force myself to drink the other 2 juices and finish my waters.  By 7pm, I was tired and wanted to crawl into bed, but Amina was still awake and wanted to play.  

Day 2:

The mood swings reared their ugly head. I was very cranky, impatient and frustrated all the time. Thankfully, hubby was home to help take care of Amina. I was able to rest and have some “Me” time.

Day 3:

The headache from Day 2 continued into Day 3 and the day after the cleanse finished.  To be honest, I really had to push myself to finish the cleanse and not cheat by eating something after I drank my last juice bottle.  Thankfully, the end was in sight, because I was really missed using my teeth to chew my food!

Some thoughts on the cleanse:

-It was harder than I thought.  You don’t realize how dependant your body is on sugar, salt, fat, and carbs until you remove them from your diet.

-At the end of each day, I felt “lighter.” There was no heaviness in the belly and even though I was tired and cranky, I felt refreshed- if that makes sense.

-Would I try it again? Yes, but not for a while.

-The post-cleanse introduction to food is helping me stay away from refined sugars and refined carbs.  I’ve been eating raw fruits and veggies and some protein (quinoa) and my body is liking this new way of eating.