Cha Cha Chia!

Chia seeds have been around for a very long time.  If you grew up in the 80s and 90s, you’ll probably remember those cheezy Cha Cha Chia pet commercials where you smear the seeds on a plastic mold and your “pet” grows chia hair. Well, what was once used to grow “pet” hair is now becoming the new superfood on the market.  According to several sites, chia seeds: are gluten free, contain Omega 3s, contains all 8 amino acids, has 20% protein, helps combat diabetes, and contain 5 times more calcium than milk.

Last year, I started eating chia seeds on a regular basis. I would add one tablespoon of seeds to a glass of water or juice and let them soak and fluff up for 15 minutes.  The texture took some getting used to, but after a few glasses the gelatinous texture didn’t bother me.  Chia seeds don’t really have a distinct taste, so they’re great on top of cereal or oatmeal, mixed in yogurt or used in baking.

A week or so ago I came across a recipe for Chia Fresca on Oh She Glow’s blog.  Right away, I knew I would be saving the recipe for later because it was a flavoured version of my plain glass of chia seed and water. I made a few changes- I used doTERRA’s Lemon Esssential oil for flavour, raw Manuka Honey for some gentle sweetness and topped my glass off with some fresh cut strawberries.

Chia FrescaChia Fresca

2 cups water

1.5 tbsp chia seeds

1 drop of doTERRA lemon essential oil (wild orange would work as well)

1 tbsp raw Manuka Honey (Active 16+)

Cut fruit (optional)

Add chia and water into a glass and stir to combine. Let chia seeds sit for 15 minutes to plump up and become gelatinous. Stir occasionally to remove any clumps.  Add honey and essential oil and stir.  Top with fruit. Chill and serve.

Read more on the health benefits of chia seeds here and here.



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