Trying to Stay Healthy


The best way to beat a cold is to get ahead of it as fast as you can.  So when hubby came home last night feeling like something was stirring inside, we hit it with our cold and flu arsenal- doTERRA essential oils and raw Manuka honey. First, he had a glass of water followed by our Manuka and Oregano oil concoction (1 tbsp honey with one drop of Oregano oil).  Then, he had several OnGuard beadlets.  And just to be safe, I diffused OnGuard essential oil throughout the home.

This morning, I woke up feeling yucky, so I began my cold protocol: warm water with a drop of Lemon oil, OnGuard beadlets, an OnGuard throat drop, and finally, Oregano oil with Manuka honey.

These oils have been life savers for us.  If we can’t get in front of a bug, the oils help reduce cold symptoms, decrease the chances of the bug spreading to other members of the family and decrease the amount of down time we have when we’re sick.

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